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100sounds + RINGTONES! 100+ Ring Tone Sound FX app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 816 ratings )
Music Lifestyle
Developer: No Tie, LLC
0.99 USD
Current version: 10.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 12 Dec 2008
App size: 13.71 Mb

100s of SOUND FX for iPod touch & iPhone PLUS as a FREE BONUS, you can create CUSTOM TALKING RINGTONES! Pay one low price & create/download UNLIMITED ringtones by WEB as a FREE BONUS! No extra charge! As seen in iPhone Life Magazine! 100sounds is the BEST Soundboard App because:

- You get 100s of sounds! We got carried away!
- Access all 100s of sounds on 1 scrolling page!
- Others only show 9-25 sounds! Why settle?

- Enter your Name or Greeting (e.g. "Chris" or "Master Smith")
- Enter a callers Name or Title (e.g. "Jane" or "Your Boss")
- You MUST use iTunes on your Mac/PC


Sounds include: Air Raid Airplane Alarm Clock Baby Cry Banjo Bark Beep Bells Bicycle Horn Big Ben Blues Boing Bomb Bongo Booing Bowling Bubbles Bugle Burp Camera Cannons Car Horn Car Starting Caribbean Cash Register Cello Cessna Chainsaw Charge Cheering Chicken Chimes Choir Circus Clapping Coughing Cowbell Crash Creak Cricket Cuckoo Cymbals Daddy Darn Dentist Drill Donkey Doorbell Down Draining Drill Drum Dance Drumroll Duck Elephant Evil Laugh Excellent Excuse Me Fabulous Fanfare Fart FAX Finch Fire Engine Flush Fog Horn Fore Gavel Ghost Glass Goaaal Goat Gong Guitar Gunshot Gunsounds Hair Dryer Hallelujah Hammer Heartbeat HeeYa Helicopter Hiccup Hole In One Horse Horserace Huge Burp Jackhammer Joy To The World Jungle Kiss Knocking Laser Laugh Lawnmower Lion Machine Gun Meow Modem Mommy Monkeys Monster Moo Narnia Neener Nyuck Nyuck Ocean Oh My God Old Horn One Small Step Organ Phantom Scream Phone Ring Piano Pig Police Siren Polite Applause Popping Cork Pouring Liquid Power Chime Power Tool Printer Racecar Rainforest Raspberry Rattlesnake Red Alert Referree Reveille Reverse Ricochet Rimshot Rooster Shaving Sheep Shhh Shower Sitar Sneeze Snore Socket Wrench Sonar Staple Submarine Teapot Tech Whistle, Thunderstorm Toothbrush Train Transporter Truck Horn Trumpet Typewriter UFO Velcro Vibrate Victory Wah Wah Waah Wasp Waterfall Whale Whip Whistle White Noise Wind Wolves Woodpecker Yawn Yodel Yoohoo +

Not hearing sounds? Is your iPhone ringer switch on MUTE? Thats usually the issue.

(c) Concept & sounds by Todd Bernhard. All sounds original or royalties acquired.

Pros and cons of 100sounds + RINGTONES! 100+ Ring Tone Sound FX app for iPhone and iPad

100sounds + RINGTONES! 100+ Ring Tone Sound FX app good for

I by the 100sounds +RINGTONES! 100s of Sound FX >> 100 SOUNDS & RING TONES, v1.5, Seller: Todd Bernhard (4+) product, but I dont no were and how I install in my Iphone? Thanks for help me.
Great sounds, good quality. My favorite is the "donkey"...customized it for my exs ringtone. LMAO
With me being a firefighter, I kept looking 4 a profession related ringtone. Then my homie told me about this joint. Other people r saying its a hassle 2 dwnload....bump them! Ur life isnt that busy! Nice app, keep it up yall!!
I have had this app. for a while and used it once but since has to re-set my iPhone so now I have delved into this app. and set up a bunch of ringtones from it. It is so easy and fun! What a great app. and saves so much time and money with just a few clicks of the mouse!
I was a little skeptical at first...The app sounded complicated and not really worth the 99cents but trust me if you are looking for ringtones this is it. I got over 200 ringtones in about 5 minutes compared with the one ringtone I bought for 99cents from the itunes store. If ringtones are what you are looking for then GET IT!
This is a cool app for tones. I get a kick out of the (Phone off the hook), (Busy, Dial & Ringing tones), (Modem Dialing & Connecting Tones) For some reason, "phone sounds" drive people into a frenzy trying to find "Which Phone is it ???" FUNNY Stuff!!! There are a Whole Slew of Other Tones, just check the App Listing. They are quality sounds! Transfering & Syncing to your phone, works just fine... Great Job. : )

Some bad moments

There are some good sounds here- the complete phone effects, one small step, scream aaah. However, a number of them sound distorted and just plain filler material. Whats up with lawn mower? Could you not cut short Air raid siren? - using loop does not help that effect at all. Updating some of the sounds would be great.
Meh, this would be ok with a sound quality update. It would be better to save your buck til its updated.
Poor quality sounds. Lots of background noise. Loop transitions are poor.
Theres not even one of these sounds that would make a good ringtone. Try Funtones.
Really bad app. Waste of money. Not even worth it if it was free. 0 star.
I Cant figure out how to email a sound. A button that says email would be a big improvement.

Usually 100sounds + RINGTONES! 100+ Ring Tone Sound FX iOS app used & searched for

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